Below, you’ll find some links to archived articles about the work I’ve undertaken.

This is a UTV news report covering a search in Northern Ireland

London Tonight News report covering the launch of Jazz, first Forensic Marker Detection dog

BBC “Break in Britain” feature covering Forensic Marker Detection Dog

“The One Show” covering new Forensic Marker Riot Gun and search by dog

RTE video (filmed off tv) covering criminal search in Galway, Ireland

Coming Soon. BBC3 The Boy who Disappeared. The story of Damian Nettles who went missing on the Isle of Wight and the background stories surrounding the search for the answer to his disappearance.

28th May 2008 – Article about CSI Death Dogs

16th November 2001 – BBC2 Programme ‘Bodyhunt’

14th December 2000 – Top Dogs of Crime on Bradford Trial

12th December 2000 – The Science of Searching