As a result of being an Approved Home Office Police Dog Instructor, Search Dogs UK are able to offer training to dogs and handlers in the following disciplines.

Narcotic Detection
Search Dogs UK are able to supply passive search dogs to organisations wishing to monitor the illegal possession of narcotics by staff within their agency or persons entering their premises.
Full training concerning the legal implications of using such dogs will be offered to interested parties.
Target Agencies: Education facilities, Nightclubs, Factories, Offshore facilities, Offices.

Tracking and Trailing Dogs
Tracking dogs are capable of locating any human scent and following the scent to a successful conclusion.
Trailing dogs are capable of locating a specific human scent (usually obtained from an article of clothing) and following the scent, ignoring other scents, to a successful conclusion.
Search Dogs UK are able to supply dogs trained in both disciplines to agencies concerned with locating persons in vast areas.
Target Agencies: Law Enforcement, SAR Agencies.Other disciplines - Collapsed Building

Urban Disaster Dogs
Search Dogs UK have for a long time been connected with the training and use of Urban Disaster Dogs. These dogs are capable of locating live victims in collapsed buildings and other disaster environments.
Target Agencies: SAR Agencies, Disaster Relief Agencies.

Intruder Detection Dogs
Intruder Detection Dogs are trained in much the same way as Urban Disaster Dogs. They are capable of searching large areas which are difficult for human patrols. The dogs will give a positive response on locating an intruder. Such dogs can also be utilised to search vehicles at check-points etc.
Please note Search Dogs UK will not normally train dogs to physically detain intruders due to complex legal sanctions.
Target Agencies: Factories, Education Facilities, Border Control, Security Agencies.

Target Scent Dogs
As our life becomes more complex so does the use of detection dogs. Search Dogs UK can provide dogs capable of detecting almost any scent the core user wishes. Examples of this would include:- Mobile phones, microchips, Contraband articles (matches, alcohol etc.) Tobacco, Liquids (fuel, alcohol), Food Products and Steroids.

All dogs are trained specifically for the customer and therefore we are able to tailor our package to meet your needs.